About Us

Based in Los Angeles, California, Love and Mercy was birthed from the journey and vision of Founder and Designer, Desireé LeSassier.

Love and Mercy is a unisex lifestyle and inspirational brand encouraging you to fashionably embrace your moments, your milestones, your experiences, conquer your fears and walk in your purpose. Power is projected through our bold and unique statement pieces while still serving as a complimentary accessory.

Teen mother turned entrepreneur, Desireé, was always a visionary that let nothing stop her from achieving her goals. Growing up in Inglewood, California, her journey has been one of road blocks, speed bumps, hurdles and closed doors. Becoming a mother at the young age of seventeen and again at twenty years old, she managed to defy the odds against her and not only graduate high school, but receive a Bachelors of Arts degree from Loyola Marymount University. She struggled with finding a career that fit the lifestyle of a young single mother with two small kids. Working a day job only to maintain a stable home for her children, her creativity and passion for fashion always led her back to designing. She’s made everything from candles, jewelry and clothes, all of which, she sold out of her home. After gifting her friends with some of her newest jewelry designs for Christmas, they encouraged her to start a business and inspire the world.   

Love and Mercy was born from her journey- hustle, fight, passion, faith, grace, love, ambition, drive, humor, spiritual, style, adventure, emotions, attitude, sexy, strength, street, courage, motivation, confidence, survival, growth and inspiration.

In just a short time after launching in December 2018, Love and Mercy’s unique designs and competitive price point expanded its reach to over one thousand new customers, celebrities and athletes. By March 2019, Love and Mercy became popular within the NBA, being worn by both celebrity athletes, their significant others and influencers. Love and Mercy continues to expand through all social media platforms and hosting several trunk shows throughout the city of Los Angeles.