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About Us


Based in Los Angeles, California, Love and Mercy was birthed from the journey and vision of Founder and Designer, Desireé LeSassier. 

Love and Mercy isn't just a brand name; it's a tribute to the profound impact of God's love and mercy in her life, guiding her through countless challenges. It stands as a testament to her faith journey, but its essence extends far beyond, resonating with anyone, regardless of background or beliefs. Love and mercy are universal desires, uniting us all in the quest for compassion and grace in our relationships and lives.

At Love and Mercy, we believe that every woman deserves to express her true self through affordable, fashionable accessories. Our jewelry pieces are inspired by the journey of a single mother who defied odds, embraced her inner-city roots, and soared to new heights in the corporate world. We offer versatile pieces that seamlessly transition from street style to corporate chic, reflecting the multifaceted lives of modern women. Our mission is to empower you to shine, to be fearless in expressing your unique style, and to embrace the love and mercy that have guided your path.

Since its launch in December 2018, Love and Mercy has swiftly garnered attention, captivating over thousands of new customers with its distinctive designs and competitive pricing. Love and Mercy has gained remarkable traction, earning admiration among professional athletes and global celebrities. Love and Mercy continues to amplify its presence across various social media platforms while hosting exclusive trunk shows throughout Los Angeles.

Driven by kindness and reflected in our products, we take pride in offering the world an embodiment of LOVE and MERCY.


Hailing from Inglewood, California, Desireé LeSassier's journey embodies resilience and entrepreneurship. Transitioning from a teenage mother to a visionary entrepreneur, Desireé's expertise in ground-up fashion projects propelled Love and Mercy into a new realm of style and creativity. Her innate visionary spirit, coupled with boundless energy, has always driven her forward.

Becoming a mother at seventeen and later at twenty, Desireé defied daunting odds. Despite the challenges, she not only graduated high school but earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola Marymount University.

Navigating through life's hurdles, Desireé juggled a day job while nurturing her creative passion. Gifting her handcrafted candles, jewelry, and unique creations to friends sparked the genesis of her entrepreneurial journey—a business aimed at inspiring and leaving a lasting impact on the world.

Love and Mercy stands as a testament to Desireé LeSassier's grit, passion, faith, grace, and unwavering ambition—a product born from resilience, fought for with determination, and driven by a vision to make a difference.


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